Another drink!

Hey! The name's Owen. Nice to meet you! I'm the blacksmith-er.... technically I'm the APPRENTICE blacksmith over in Castanet, my granddad Ramsey still has the top spot. Can I help ya' with anything?


*continues whispering*

Because he just does! It’s true, Chloe! 

*speaks at her full voice* Now, *pulls out her ax from her rucksack* If you’ll excuse me, I have some ore to mine! *props the ax onto her shoulder before stepping away, coming up to a pile of snow and swinging her ax down on it, whistling to herself*

No, it’s Owen—I—really don’t think Jin has anything against, uh…all Italians, Molly, that doesn’t make any—…

*Stares at her for a while. Just stares.*

…*Approaches her and carefully swipes away the axe.* …Molly, there aren’t any ores in the snow. Let’s…get ya’…inside…

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*pats her hand against Owen’s chest, thinking she’s patting Chloe on the head*

Look, Chloence, I’m gonna let you in on a secret….*leans in, whispering into his arm* Doctor Jin hates Italians. He wants to destroy us.

*Blinks and pats her head, brow furrowed—he doesn’t know exactly what to do. Lowers his voice when she does.*

…What? Why would he hate Italians? Uh—would you at least think about going inside? …I think your knees are turning blue. And your fingers.

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[knocked back a few steps by the force, but laughs it off] Some arm you got, Owen! [lobs another snowball]

*Laughs happily, smacked in the chest by the snowball. Coughs for a second.* You’ve got a good one yourself! *Throws another at Joe.*

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 [Pouts at Katie.] I didn’t mean to! I was just looking—!

[Blinks, not quite sure he heard what the other man said and looking up over the snowbank.] WHAT—?


*Can’t help but laugh at the hit, having a ball. Loads his arms up again.*  NICE CATCH!
*Throws another.*

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[hits Owen in the back of his head with a snowball]

!!! *Turns and grins at the sight of Joe, flinging a snowball into the other man’s shoulder.*

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*smiles* Oh, how cute. *tugs at his jacket* You look adorable in this, Chloe. You should get one for Owen, you guys would look adorable in matching outfits.

*Stares at her, confused.* …Molly, uh—I’m Owen…uh…*Waves a hand in front of her face.* Do—you need to see the doctor? You look really pale…
…is your jacket on backwards? Yeah, yeah it’s…*Pauses.* Do—you need me to take you to the doctor?

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[Squealing loudly from the other side.] CAAARL! Don’t tick off the buffest guy on their team!! Ack, duck!!

*One of the many snowball’s he’s throwing—which he is laughing like a goof while throwing—whacks Katie in the side.*

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*bumps into him* Oh Chloe, I didn't mean to bump into you... don't go too deep into the mines now, ok?

*Takes a break from throwing snowballs to turn and look at Molly.* … *Brow furrows with concern and a blush creeps up his cheeks when he sees her attire.* Uh—Molly, Chloe isn’t here…
…are you okay? Y’know—Uh— *Looks at her pantless legs.* It’s below freezing out here… 

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AH!!! [Squeaks loudly and cowers down under the snow more, talking fervently to someone nearby him in a high-pitch anxious voice loud enough to be heard over the distance.] I th-think I just got threatened by the big mean guy!!!

*Turns back to the pile and begins shoveling snowballs into his arms, catches earshot of Carl.* 
*Turns back to wave, grinning.* I'M NOT MEAN, PROMISE! *Throws a snowball at him while laughing goofily as if that’s somehow going to convince Carl he means well.*

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[Stares at over the top of the snowbank with a wide-eyed, horrified gaze across the distance from the other team.] ... hf--! [Cowers slightly, still staring over at the large man like a frightened rabbit.]

*Continues to build up his pile of snowballs.*

Yeah!!! *Pauses and glances around. Turns and sees Carl on the other side. Grins widely and waves, pointing triumphantly at the pile—unaware that the man looks frightened.*

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